Hire a variety of cars for occasions, meetings or celebrations, only at Pro Car Hire.

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A Nadeem

Highly recommend Pro Car Hire. I wanted a car to impress and they provided me with more than what I expected. They are helpful and polite and listened to my needs.

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J Thompson

I was let down by a car hire company and contacted Pro car Hire last minute. I needed a safe and reliable car for the weekend to take my family and had younger children too. I was really happy that the team provided a reliable and safe car AND took time out to go over many of the safety features. I have since used Pro car Hire several times and intend to do so in the future.

Testimonial 3

P Livingston

I have hired cars from Pro car Hire everytime I had big meetings to make an impression, I was really happy when I saw the variety they had and was able to hire a fab car on My wedding day from Pro car Hire. have recommended them to everyone

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